The Affiliate Sniper: How To Earn Commissions In Any Niche In 3 Steps

Affiliate Marketing is always looked at as the starting block for making money online, however, with so many different strategies to use and hundreds, if not thousands of digital products to choose from… Where do you start!?

Well the aim of this post is to answer that question and to give you a go-to-guide when creating affiliate campaigns.

Here’s the first thing to remember. Affiliate marketing is a relationship between three parties:


  • 1

    The Advertiser

    An advertiser is the entity selling the product or service in question:
    This could be a giant company selling health supplements or a single internet marketer selling training courses.

  • 2

    The Affiliate

    An affiliate is an entity that promotes an advertiser’s product or service in exchange for commissions (a percentage of the total sale):
    This is what this post will show you how to do so YOU can become an affiliate

  • 3

    The Customer

    The customer is the one who actually sees the marketing campaign and purchases the product or service being sold:
    Your customers will be hiding in your target audience for your campaign. I.E.. If you're selling protein shakes you need to target an audience that goes to the gym.


Understanding this relationship, will help when building your campaign. For now though, here’s the 3 biggest factors to consider before starting any affiliate campaign.

– #1 – The niche (or more importantly), the sub niche.

– #2 – Your sales funnel and autoresponder series.

– #3 – Selling the product or service.

Let’s break each of these down further…


[STEP 1] | Pick A Niche And Break It Down: Find An Irresistible Offer That Solves A Burning Pain Or Passion Within That Sub-Niche...

There are loads of online niches to choose from and plenty of them are highly profitable, so it would be completely wrong for me to discredit certain markets and credit others. Instead here's my top 5 online niches that I like running affiliate campaigns in:

1. Dating
2. IM & MMO
3. Education
4. Self Development / Spirituality
5. Health & Fitness


Remember to lazer target your niche in to the sub niches to find a burning pain, problem or passion that you can take advantage of.

If you want more information about niche selection and breaking down sub niches; then make sure to check out my “Top 5 Niches For Maximum ROI” Cheat Sheet Here.

The focus of an affiliate campaign needs to be on the customer and what they want...

... Go into it with the sole focus of helping people in that sub niche to solve the problem in question.

For example:




This offer highlights the key problems directly in the close of the copy.

By doing this it puts the fears and problems the customer might be feeling right in front of them… With the solution to the problem right before the buy button!

In this case, anti-aging, fat loss and cancer fighting are used to emphasise the health benefits this product will bring if you purchase.

This offer would be targeted towards the “Health” niche, then if you wanted to get really targeted (which you always should) you would find a sub niche that this offer fits in to within the health market. For this example it could be in the:

- Natural medicines sub niche,
- Fat loss sub niche,
- Elderly health sub niche


This is just one of hundreds of great offers in a variety of profitable niches that you can find on ClickBank

So, once you've picked a niche and found an offer it's time to:


[STEP 2] | Build The Online Campaign: Choose A Sales Funnel And Set Up Your Email Follow Up Series Inside Your Autoresponders...

Once you’ve done your research on your sub niche, your offer and your target audience, it’s time to start building your campaign.

An affiliate campaign will consist of (at least) a 3-part sales funnel:

- A Squeeze page (including a lead magnet)

- A Thank You Page

- An Affiliate Offer.


You send targeted traffic to your squeeze page where the lead will opt in to your email list in order to receive the lead magnet (incentive for signing up)...

... Once the lead has entered their email address they will be sent to a thank you (or download) page where they can download/watch/read your lead magnet as well as be pitched on the affiliate offer you're promoting.

You would then follow up with all the leads interested via email through an autoresponder sequence which would sell them the affiliate offer in a value sequence over a set amount of time.. (i.e. 7 - 14 days).

This way you build a list of leads and buyers you can promote to in the future and make even more money from, separate to the commissions you make from your campaign.


Third party softwares can really help when building affiliate marketing campaigns. They make it quick, easy and are especially useful If you don't want to invest in a server, hosting and all the other IM essentials. Using softwares such as ClickFunnels will allow you to create high converting, great looking pages that come pre designed and fully optimised to give you the best results from your campaign.

ClickFunnels also offers tracking and split testing from within the campaign you've built making it easy to keep track of how you're doing.

This is great if you want to run campaigns separate to your main brand or if you're just starting out.

Personally I still run my affiliate campaigns through my own websites. This has a much higher set up cost then using ClickFunnels and if you include all the other softwares I use from tracking to my autoresponder it adds up to a couple hundred bucks a month.

If you can cope with that financial strain however, I do recommend doing it that way as not only do you always own the campaign, but you prevent losing (or stopping) a winning campaign if the software ever crashes.


Regardless of what method you use to create a campaign, the focus here is on the offer you pick and the campaign you create. If the offer does not solve a problem in the niche you're selling in (step.1) then you're campaign will result in low sales. Equally if you're campaign isn't targeted and your sales funnel doesn't convert (discussed further below in step.3) then you will also struggle to make sales.

Ensure all the basics are set up before getting ready to sell anything. Once you're happy with everything up to this point, it's time to learn:


[STEP 3] | How To Begin Selling: A Product, Service Or Software And How To Automate The Entire Process...

Depending on which type of campaign you run, every promotion yields both leads and buyers (and repeat customers if you're selling more than one product).

It is important to recognise the difference between these types of subscribers first before you start selling, in order to establish a quality brand (or self image) your audience will trust.

This is because; put simply - you do not sell to a lead the same way you do to a buyer (or a repeat customer).

The easiest way to keep control therefore is to segment your lists in to the type of subscriber they are. Doing this will allow you to promote more offers more often without just spamming your entire list with products they don't want or aren't going to help.

As an example I've taken a screenshot of some of my lists so you can see what I mean. These subscribers are part of a campaign I ran (affm) and below you will see exactly how I've split up my leads from buyers (and even how I've split up my buyers in to repeat customers and clients)...



As you can see I've segmented these 1000+ subs in to various lists based on their interests and spending value with my brand.

This allows me to promote the best offers to the right customers that will benefit them the most. I can also focus the higher priced products to my "customers" and "clients", whereas the lower priced products will be sent to my "leads" and "buyers"...

... This is how to establish trust with your subscribers and build a quality brand people feel comfortable buying from over and over again.

This is because once a lead turns into a buyer they will switch lists automatically and start a new "value series" selling them on to the next product. This is how to automate your entire campaign (and sales funnels in general) and is outlined in much more detail here:


Once you've set up multiple lists in your autoresponder, you're nearly ready to run your campaign!

The final thing to do now, is to sell the offer!

Now personally, I've found this easiest to do by adding a sales series to my autoresponder. This way you pre-set a series of emails (for each list) which sells the product or service for you without you having to get on video or write any lengthy sales letters.

I do however recommend you create a sales (or offer) page you can link your leads to from within the emails.


If you can recommend products that are actually going to help your subscriber with their long term goal then they will come back to you for more. You start establishing an authority with your list (and in your marketplace by selling advertisers products) and in turn your passive income rises as your lists grows - and more people follow and buy from you!

When you reach this point you've got momentum behind you and from now on - you can sell other products, services and softwares to the list(s) you've just built knowing they trust you. Add in a good sales pitch and some bonuses and you can make commissions from your ever growing list every time you send a promo!

For more details how to do this you can read my "3-Punch Sales Series” blog post here:


Final Thoughts...


To conclude; remember that the focal point in all of this is finding a good offer (that solves a pain or problem within a sub-niche) and putting it in a high converting campaign (or sales funnel) that sells the offer well! Combine that with targeted traffic and you're on to a winner!

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