The 30 Second Opt-In: How To Skyrocket Your Conversions In 5 Easy Steps!

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Also known as "landing" or "squeeze" pages, an opt-in page is the most pivotal part of any online business. Here's why...

Imagine 1000 people want to get into a theme park, but due to a fault with the welcome gate only 500 manage to get in that day. How much money did that theme park loose!? About 50% right?

Wrong. Although 50% of the visitors got in to the park, it would be impossible to predict what the 50% of visitors (that didn't make it in) would have spent inside the park compared to those that did.

The theme park therefore didn't just lose 50% of ticket sales, but all the follow up purchases those visitors would have continued to make inside of the park would they have got in.

A similar thing happens in online campaigns...

Most people drive visitors to sales pages with little concern to how many of those visitors are turning into leads. Instead, they focus on trying to make sales as fast as possible - drastically dropping their conversion rates.

The average conversion rate for the IM/MMO niche is about 30%. That means for every 10 people that visit your opt-in page, 3 will sign up.

Imagine if you could bump that amount up to 7 in every 10 visitors converting into leads...

This post will show you how to do just that, using one page that can be built in a matter of minutes, regardless of the niche you're in.

Here's a stats screenshot from one of our opt-in pages that's connected to a £1 a day Facebook retargeting campaign in the IM/MMO niche:

This template also works great on "cold traffic" and consistently produces upwards of 70 - 80% conversion rates time and time again!

The Build

The opt-in page I'm about to show you can be built very quickly, can be edited to suit your company's branding and once you understand the principles of building opt-ins, you can apply it to any niche you sell (or want to sell) in!

This template is also very basic and should be kept that way.

No fancy videos or flashing GIF's.

Just an opt-in form, some text and a button.

A basic opt-in page means it will load fast, look simple to use (for the less tech confident visitors) and get the prospect from A to B (from a visitor to a lead) without them getting distracted.

Click play on the video below to watch me build my 80% opt-in page in front of you as well as showcasing a few "prettier" ones that also convert really well....

Final Thoughts

Here are some key points to remember before building an opt-in page;

  1. Keep this page super specific. You only want to target your perfect customers.
  2. Don't over sell when you don't have too.
  3. Focus on getting the visitor from point A to B as fast as possible.
  4. When emailing your new leads, adding more value to the lead magnet (they opted in for) before selling, always yields higher conversion than an immediate upsell.
  5. Combine what you've learnt in this training with those in the "Related Posts" section for maximum results.

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