The 3 Punch Sales Series: Convert Leads Into Buyers In Any Nice

Selling. It’s the most hated part of marketing online.

Selling something to somebody without coming across as desperate, pushy and “salesy” is an area of online marketing that is constantly being looked at. Every “Guru” has their own strategy of attack but how many “strategies” actually work?

The latest trend of thought is to offer your leads incredible value to hook them in to your brand so they like you and start buying all your stuff… And this is a great idea. A tactic I personally use myself. However, most people who try this strategy end up giving TOO MUCH away and then don’t have anything good to sell!

This is one of the main reasons why many people you see online who have recently “made it”, disappear from the limelight so quickly.

Let’s get one thing straight…

…Selling is NOT bad! Nor does it have to be awkward, pushy or have to feel like spam.

In fact, selling is the only way you can help change peoples lives (with your products and services), expand your brand and make a s#%t ton of money all at the same time.

It’s a skill that rarely comes naturally yet can be developed through constant practice and experience.