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Niche Marketing Difficulty: Beginner | Length: 9m 07s

In this video we have discussed the importance of niche marketing. Starting with the best practices for niche selection, we then covered how to break down sub niches and how you can lazer target your perfect leads and customers!

We also went over my niche selection cheat-sheet that you can download on the right..
To ensure you use this correctly, there are three steps to consider when using the cheat-sheet.

Step #1 – Read through the niches and select an area that you have a genuine interest in or are knowledgeable about. This is important! Do not simply select a market because it sounds profitable. It is essential to ensure you’re comfortable selling in this niche before starting.

Remember: A niche is simply a specific subject which is of interest to a particular group of people.

Step #2 – Choose a “Major Niche” : This will be the main market or audience you choose to run your affiliate promotions too. This is where you internet business will be set up.

Step #3 – Select 1 or 2 “Sub Niches”. This is often refered to as sub niches and is the first secret to running succesfull marketing campaigns. Consider the sub niche to be the problem of that market that you or your product(s) and service will solve. This is where you will set up all your products, services and content in.

So for example, if you decide upon the Internet Marketing Niche, then the sub niches would be:

– Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, List Building, Traffic, etc…

As it would be useless to create a univeral internet marketing product, you would pick a sub niche and become more specific with your information. Using the example; say I liked the sound of Affiliate marketing… I would either create or find a product about affiliate marketing and start creating content about it. I would then promote that to the IM niche as well as a more targetted promotion for affiliate marketers.

This is where most people go wrong!

Where most will simply enter a market, “hit and hope” (and usually miss), I refuse to let you do the same. Being specific is one of the biggest factors of success and is essential for running profitable marketing campaigns.

If you spend some time now researching and building an understanding of your market, you will eliminate the risk of failure later on.