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To get started simply scroll down and download the AMX eBook and bonus. Then, watch Rav guide you step by step through every detail of the strategy in the 9-part video walk through guide. Ensure to watch this before the webinar as it contains advanced strategies that you will not undertand unless you've implemented this system correctly.


Lesson 1 - Niche Marketing

  • In this video we discuss niche selection, how to break down a “sub-niche” and how to lazer target your perfect leads and customers!

    Time: 9m 07s


Niche Marketing Difficulty: Beginner | Length: 9m 07s

In this video we have discussed the importance of niche marketing. Starting with the best practices for niche selection, we then covered how to break down sub niches and how you can lazer target your perfect leads and customers!

We also went over my niche selection cheat-sheet that you can download on the right..
To ensure you use this correctly, there are three steps to consider when using the cheat-sheet.

Step #1 – Read through the niches and select an area that you have a genuine interest in or are knowledgeable about. This is important! Do not simply select a market because it sounds profitable. It is essential to ensure you’re comfortable selling in this niche before starting.

Remember: A niche is simply a specific subject which is of interest to a particular group of people.

Step #2 – Choose a “Major Niche” : This will be the main market or audience you choose to run your affiliate promotions too. This is where you internet business will be set up.

Step #3 – Select 1 or 2 “Sub Niches”. This is often refered to as sub niches and is the first secret to running succesfull marketing campaigns. Consider the sub niche to be the problem of that market that you or your product(s) and service will solve. This is where you will set up all your products, services and content in.

So for example, if you decide upon the Internet Marketing Niche, then the sub niches would be:

– Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, List Building, Traffic, etc…

As it would be useless to create a univeral internet marketing product, you would pick a sub niche and become more specific with your information. Using the example; say I liked the sound of Affiliate marketing… I would either create or find a product about affiliate marketing and start creating content about it. I would then promote that to the IM niche as well as a more targetted promotion for affiliate marketers.

This is where most people go wrong!

Where most will simply enter a market, “hit and hope” (and usually miss), I refuse to let you do the same. Being specific is one of the biggest factors of success and is essential for running profitable marketing campaigns.

If you spend some time now researching and building an understanding of your market, you will eliminate the risk of failure later on.

Lesson 2 - Finding Offers

  • In this video we discuss the two main sites where you can find digital products for almost every niche available.

    Time: 9m 31s


Finding Offers Difficulty: Beginner | Length: 9m 31s

In this video we discussed where you can find digital products for almost every niche available.

We also covered two of my favourite marketplaces for digital products and a brief of how to use each of them.

Remember: The products you promote should be relational to your list(s) wants, needs and desires. Put yourself in the shoes of your subscribers when picking an offer, and find a product that tackles the burning problem of that sub-niche.

Another thing to remember is that new affiliate offers will appear daily so to keep your promotions fresh and up to date, you will need to schedule bi-monthly or quartly checks to ensure the offers you are promoting have retained their conversion rate and are still selling well and receiving good feedback!

The only other option to consider is creating your own product. Now as discussed in the video, product launching can be very profitable if done correctly. I do recommend creating a product as the long term convience of the “X” Strategy – but STRONGLY suggest you learn the correct steps to creating and running a succesful product launch first (You will find this in the “more infomation” section in the “Lesson Links”)..

Do NOT Make The Same Mistake I Did!

Find top quality affiliate offers that are specific and solve an exact problem within that sub-niche. Think of an end goal for the promotion.. and for your subscribers and start noting down affiliate offers that you genuinely feel will benefit your customers. Contact the product vendor and enquire about the offer and remember to treat every product you promote as if it were your own..

Lesson 3 - The "X" Strategy | Part 1

  • In this video we break down the “X” strategy. Originally taught as the CVO technique by Ryan Diess, this has been adpated for AMX

    Time: 7m 55s


The "X" Strategy | Part 1 Difficulty: Intermediate | Length: 7m 55s

In this video we covered the “X” strategy; originally taught as the CVO technique by Ryan Diess & The Digital Marketing team. This technique has been adapted and built upon so it can be used specifically in affiliate promotions as a weapon to double the amount of money you make from every customer whilst building segmented list(s) of leads and buyers that love you!

This video focused on the concept of the “X” strategy so you could build an understanding of each step.. the point of each step and how to flow from beginning to end.

Remember: This is simply an expansion of the “traditional” affiliate marketing technique. Everything within your new mini funnel will work exactly the same as usual promotions (LM -> CO), the only difference is the strategic addition of two added steps (the TW & PM).
Fully understanding how to use these steps and implementing them correctly will result in an EXPLOSION in sales and profit!

Remember to make your offers relational to one another. For your subscriber, it should feel like with every step they take, they receive more value and learn the next step to solving a specific problem or achieving their long term goal.

Be clever when finding products for each step, make them flow into one another and remember as the price rises to add more bonuses to entice the customer to purchase with you again.
This can be in the form of reports, case studies, cheat-sheets, videos, etc.. and should aim to enhance what you have just sold and entice them to buy the next product.

Once the “X” strategy is set up correctly, as each customer progresses through your mini-funnel, you will increase the amount of money you make from every customer off EVERY single sale..

You will also be left with a business asset you can constantly go back to, tweak and redeploy every time you want to make money or alternatively you can automate it and let it make you money in the background (which is what I will be showing you how to do later on in the course) the choice is yours.

Craft Your Mini-Funnel With Care!

In module 2 we will discuss p2 of the “X” strategy and how you can create it on your computer.
For now, I urge you to spend some time creating a mini-funnel that aims to solve a specific problem or teaches a specific technique that is relevant, interesting and benefical for your chosen sub-niche. Think of different marketing angles when moving from step to step – and have an end goal in mind.

Finally – HAVE FUN! – The best part about this strategy for me personally is that it allows you to be as creative as you want! It lets your entrepreneurial juices flow and lets you make money out of something you love doing or find genuinely interesting..

Lesson 4 - The "X" Strategy | Part 2

  • In this video we build the “X” strategy. Originally taught as the CVO technique by Ryan Diess, this has been adpated for AMX

    Time: 4m 39s


The "X" Strategy | Part 2 Difficulty: Intermediate | Length: 4m 39s

In this video we have discussed how the “X” strategy / mini-funnel is going to work and how each step links in with the next.

We have learnt about progression paths and you now know the 2 methods of progression you will be using.

1. Instant Progression – Sales Page (Download page option for LM -> TW link)
2. Follow-Up Progression – Email Marketing – Autoresponder sequences

As discussed in the video, your main method of progression for your leads and buyers will be through email marketing. This way your subscribers can move through your mini-funnel at their own pace and for you it’s great because the whole thing is automated with the goal of moving every customer through each stage of your funnel until they reach your PM.

Remember: Not everybody will go through your funnel and buy everything your selling in one go. On average the normal customer will have to see your offer 4-5 times before they purchase with you.

As discussed throughout this course, it is important that each offer is directly relevant to the ascending offer.
It is very important that the lead feels as if they are on a journey of progression, where with each step they take – they get closer to their end goal. Have that in mind when building your funnel, finding offers and editing your follow up emails.

TIP: As the price rises, remeber to extend your sequences and balance out your sales
material with bonus content that acts as a follow up to what your customers have just bought. We will discuss this in much more detail in the next video, but as you start setting up your progressions paths start thinking about content you could find, create or outsource, that would act as the perfect intermediary between the step your subscriber is on and their ascending step.

As discussed throughout this course, it is important that each offer is directly relevant to the ascending offer. It is very important that the lead feels as if they are on a journey of progression, where with each step they take – they get closer to their end goal. This can be acomplished by promoting high quality products with good results (so be sure to do your homework – and contact some vendors) and then by adding extra value with bonuses to the offer being promoted (in the form of complimentary reports, plugins softwares) and by sending value in the form of reports, blog posts, videos any any other form of quality content that compliments what you subscribers have just purchased.

Keep this in mind when building your funnel, finding offers and editing your follow up emails.

This will become especially important as the price rises on the products your promoting.

Lesson 5 - Email Marketing

  • In this video we discuss in detail the main progression path your subscribers are going to use to progress through your mini-funnel

    Time: 15m 09s


Email Marketing Difficulty: Intermediate | Length: 15m 09s

In this video we have discussed in detail the main progression path your subscribers are going to use to progress through your mini-funnel. We discussed how this will work within your autoresponders, with the addition of the 4 extra lists and sequences, all of which WILL require setting automation rules, per list so your subscribers will automatically be moved around according to what they have purchased.

We also went over my 3-part email series that you can download on the right..
To ensure you use this email swipes correctly, there are few things to consider…

#1 – Make sure to personalise the emails. The swipes I have provided are templates for you to make your own.
The copy within the swipes has been created by a proven 7-figure copywriter but need an
injection of your personality to bring them to life.

#2 – This is just the beginning. Remember as you move up your lists, each sequence will be longer. There is no rule on how long to make a sequence, however I have found unless you are selling a high ticket product ($97+) then anywhere up to and around 14-days (with occasional breaks ever few days) works well.

#3 – Keep it fresh! The problem with sequences is they can get boring and repitative. There is nothing worse then being told to buy the same product over and over again for weeks on end. This will result in most cases with an unhappy and unegaged subscriber. Instead throw in content your subscribers can relate to.. something that hits home whilst keeping their mind on what your selling.

One of the best emails I have found to do this, was one I created on the back of a TW
sequence, selling them on to my CO. It was a related article on forbes about the rise in internet businesses and the huge growth in the market size. This worked incredibly well as I was selling a course on how to set up your own internet business, so after reading a reputable source such as Forbes, plus an additional 3-part series on how to set up an internet business that I created, free of charge, it helped initate that final call to action. This is because doing this will give your customers a sense of reality in what they are about to purchase which will highten the chance of a sale. The cool thing is, it doesn’t just have to be articles.

Youtube videos work very well and I have even found success with tweets or facebook posts from authority brands.

Remember: The goal is to break up the constant barrage of selling with engaging content that backs up what you are selling.

Lesson 6 - Video Marketing

  • In this video we go over the 3 most powerful marketing videos to use to dramatically increase your comissions from any promotion you run.

    Time: 8m 43s


Video Marketing Difficulty: Intermediate | Length: 8m 43s

In this video we have discussed the power of video marketing and how you can start using the 3 marketing videos I use, to catapult your comissions from any promotion you run.

These videos work incrediby effectively within your mini-funnel sequences and could be ran almost as a private “launch week” for you and your subscriber.

I usually send all these videos in the order I spoke about in the video, a few days after my 3-part sequence (and any other emails that directly follow that sequence).
I have found this to work very well and because of the switch from selling to giving… You will find your customers more engaged again which will help when time to give the final CTA. This internal launch will help your new subscribers build a rapport with you and your brand, whilst familiarizing your lists on how you promote.

Now you have watched this video, you are now at the point where you can start implementing everything you’ve learnt so far. You have learnt the entire strategy and have all the tools in place to start building your first mini-funnel.

Remember: These 3 video types can be used anywhere!

In module 3, I will show you how you can carry on making money way after your mini-funnel promotion has ended – But before we get to that, remember that after you have switched on your mini-funnel your lists will begin filling up with leads and buyers for you to market to further.

The IM world is crazy, and it seems every day there are hundreads of new and exciting products you can promote that will make you commissions. If this is something you are intrested in and you do want to start running weekly promotions of the “hottest products” then remember the following structure when mailing to your list:

– A review video (sent a day or 2 before the product goes live), followed by
– An insider video (sent an hour before the product goes live), folowed by
– A hype series (during the remaining duration of the launch week)

This will work incredibly well if you want to start winning JV contests and ranking on affiliate leaderboards.

Videos are incredibly powerful and after seeing how easy it is to make one, I hope you see how harnessing video will skyrocket the commissions you make from ALL your affiliate campaigns.

Lesson 7 - Buyers Heat

  • In this video we talk about buyers heat and how to benefit from it to TRIPLE the commisions you make from every single person that buys.

    Time: 4m 19s


Buyers Heat Difficulty: Beginner | Length: 4m 19s

In this video we spoke about “Buyers heat” and the power of taking advantage of it.
After correctly implemeting the “X” strategy into your internet business – your new mini-funnel will be structured to work with your customers during their state of heat and to push for the next sale automatically.

However; Remember to look at this from your customers perspective..

For the customer; The moment they have made a purchase with you is the most excited and engaged they have ever been about you, your brand and about what they have just bought. Utilize off this by adding bonuses and free downloadable content for your subscribers to access.

Remember the sugar concept and the crash I spoke about in the video…

Feeding your subscribers content will help keep them engaged and in “heat” whilst the 3-part email series I gave you in the last module will sell them to the next stage.

Have a practice playing with different sequences and see what works best for your customers and your marketing. Once you’ve found the right blend of content vs sales, stick with it and keep the general trend and flow of the email sequence in each ascending list.

In the next video, I want to show you some more ways to make money with follow-up marketing before we round everything off with Traffic..

Lesson 8 - Follow-Up Marketing

  • In this video we discuss a few diffent routes to maximising your Profit Maximiser’s effectiveness.

    Time: 13m 46s


Follow-Up Marketing Difficulty: Beginner | Length: 13m 46s

In this video we discussed a few diffent routes to maximising your Profit Maximiser’s effectiveness.

Remember to consider the stage your customer is at and the market they are in as both will have a dramatic effect on which will work best.

For example, the “immediate upsell” method is perfect if this is the first time you are running any sort of sales funnel, or if you just want a safer approach to running the “X” strategy.

The Platinum list is great if the market your operating in allows for this.. I.e.. In internet marketing this is the $197+ per hour consultancy fees or in the dog training niche – it may be that the PM is for the customer to actualy come to you personally and purchase a dog..

And finally, a recurring subscription is my personal favourite and in my opinion, is the best way to build a secure, scalable monthly income. Having a guarenteed chunk of money coming into your account each an every month, before any other promotions are ran… is an invaluable position for your internet business to be in.

Only 1% of marketers ever truely get here, and it is with follow-up marketing to an existing client base that allows for that. Whilst most marketers focus on driving brand new leads into there business, I want you to leave that down to the “X” strategy and all the hard work you’ve been doing in setting up your mini-funnels and instead focus on building engagement, relationships and delivering value to your customers.

This is because after the addition of Traffic, the “X” strategy will begin automatically segmenting your leads and buyers in order of engagement and value. We spoke about this is greater detail in module 2, lesson 2 (email marketing), and how to prioritise where you send your content and promotional emails.

Now.. the final thing left to cover before you complete this course is traffic, so grab your notepad for the final time and I will see you in the next video..

Lesson 9 - Traffic Tycoon

  • In this video we speak about traffic (both free and paid) and how to use it for maximum effect and results.

    Time: 11m 46s


Traffic Tycoon Difficulty: Intermediate | Length: 11m 46s

In this video we spoke about traffic and how to use it for maximum effect.

Traffic is always an area that intimidates most but that is only because most marketers don’t really know what their doing themselves. Having a plan of action can help when overcoming that hurdle and as spoke about, my approach is to first test out everything with free targeted traffic so you can iron out any obvious errors in your mini-funnel.

This little technique helped me to overcome the “fear” I had of wasting money on traffic and allowed me to see that I could create and test a working mini-funnel completely free, and now and again I would even make a few sales! Once you’re happy with everything, send a funnel click order to the front end of your mini-funnel. This will be the first time you get to see the “X” strategy working for you in full effect! As your order comes in, your list(s) will begin filling up with leads and buyers and over the coming weeks you will be able to watch the email marketing machine you set up.. segment and continue marketing to your new leads and customers and in turn, continue to make you money.

Once you have experienced that, the next thing to do, is automate the whole process, so the “X” strategy can carry on working for you 24/7. To do this, you need to allow a constant stream of visitors (traffic) to continually visit your mini-funnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Paid traffic sources do just that and the most common range from Social Media Ads to Google Ad Words and SEO. As discussed in the video, if you are new to internet marketing or not as confident as you would like to be when using traffic, then I suggest you stick to Facebook Ads.
It’s no secret how big Facebook is. It has over a billion users (and counting) with more than 500,000 logins each and every day! According to Alexa Facebook is ranked as the number 2 site in the world.. and the number 1 social media site! There are around 500,000 comments made every single minute and statistically over 50% of shoppers who click through Facebook end up going on to make a purchase with an average spend of $100!!

It’s bonkers, and all you have to do.. in order to capitalize of this is simply create an advert (in most cases, it doesnt even have to look good), target your EXACT audience by using specific information such as interests, likes and activity, set your budget and click run!
In the video I listed loads of reasons why I think Facebook Ads are the fastest and easiest way to scale your campaigns in to the 4-5 figure range and to emphasise this point even further I have attached an INCREDIBLE opportunity for you below, that you will not find ANYWHERE ELSE!

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