The “Mini Funnel” Concept


In the world of internet marketing, the word “funnel” is rapidly becoming one of the most mis-used and confusing terminologies to get your head around… Why?

Well, what do you think of when you hear the word funnel?

Do you think of a sales funnel? How about an opt-in funnel? Or maybe you think about a product launch funnel? And actually, while your at it, let me ask you this…

What funnel are you using in your business right now? Are you using multiple funnels? 
If so, how many, for what and which one is your most effective and why???

See, the deeper you seem to go in to “funnels” the more complex they seem to get. Whats more, if you have ever managed to download an actual IM “gurus” funnel structure… the profitable ones that actually work all day, every day look more confusing than an Einstein equation and take about as much brain power to figure out and set up.

So today, regardless of whatever your current feelings maybe towards funnels, love them or hate them, use them or not… my aim is to explain once and for all what “funnels” are and why you should be using them, as well as a FULL step by step guide of how you can create and deploy your own “Mini-Funnel” by the end of today…

So let’s gets started with… “Funnels” (I guess)

A funnel is essentially an ordered set of web pages you will send targeted traffic towards. 
The set of web pages you choose, and the order you place them in, will directly affect the outcome and results you get from each funnel.

For example, above we covered a few different types of funnels; I.E.. sales, opt-in, product launch, but before you get in to the technicalities of creating them you first need to define the goal for using a funnel.

Why are you creating one in the first place? What is the goal of the funnel?

See, once you know the goal.. Building a funnel becomes a lot easier..
..And the truth is, there are only really 3 goals a funnel can achieve for your internet business…


  • Goal #1

    To acquire new leads…

  • Goal #2

    To convert those leads into buyers…

  • Goal #3

    To get those buyers to buy more or buy more often (ideally both)!


A funnel is a business asset and you should build and use one with care, to develop upon the position your business is in right now, as well as to achieve the specific goals and objectives discussed above…

It does NOT matter about your niche, your marketing experience or how much is in your bank account…

Simply spend some time working through and identifying what your business needs improving upon.

For example, if you were in the affiliate marketing sub-niche and wanted new prospects and leads, then an opt-in funnel would be ideal for achieving this.

Maybe your in the health and fitness niche and have lots of leads but need to convert them in to buyers. Then a sales funnel would be your best bet.

Or maybe you’re in the position of having sold your products and services to hundreds, maybe thousands of different people already, but are instead suffering from a poor customer retention rate. Then a product launch funnel would help get your existing customers excited, engaged and ready to buy again!

BUT! Before you can run the right funnel, you first need to do an honest evaluation of your internet business and determine which goal (out of the 3 above) would most benefit your growth.

Now, a lot of people look at the 3 goals and realise they need them all…

If this is the case for you, then don’t worry… I’ll be showing you a cool little technique I use called the “X strategy” where I build “Mini-Funnels” to achieve all 3 goals in one swift swoop in a minute..

This little trick is fast, easy and works for newbie online marketers, all the way up to veteran internet marketers that are not yet making a consistent, regular online income.

But before I show you that, I want to re emphasise what we have been discussing.

 If you are an online marketer and/or online business owner, then WHATEVER you are doing right now, will usually fit within the 3 goals we’ve been discussing.

REMEMBER: you can’t have a regular income without buyers… And you can’t have buyers without leads…

There is a huge tendency to rush to the “monetise” phase and miss out goals #1 and in some cases #2. This is very common and is the main cause for so many people failing online!

See, most marketers don’t look at funnels like assets but that’s EXACTLY what they are!

These assets can appreciate and depreciate depending on a variety of factors and keeping on top of them all can be a nightmare if you’re not organised.

Remember you are building a high converting, high quality funnel that can sell over and over again… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round… And this will take a lot of time to set up properly and a solid influx of cash to ensure it’s all converting at the highest rates possible.

The most expensive part of building a funnel, usually comes in the set up and the sales phase. As i’m sure you’re aware, copywriting is NOT cheap, and the best copywriters can charge up to $10,000 for a single sales copy. On top of this, setting up a funnel so everything is automated and runs whilst you’re asleep can get incredibly complicated if your starting out..

So, I want to show you what I use…

I call these awesome creations “Mini-Funnels” and I’ve been testing, tweaking and deploying them secretly in the background to build a humble yet scalable fortune for myself. I am not reliant on JV’s or affiliates and for saying LaVie Marketing is about 1 year old (at the time of this post).. It’s helped me pull in over $20,000 (and counting), over 2000 buyers (and counting), clear my debts, become an online business owner and look towards expansion all within my FIRST year of trying this internet marketing thing out…

The joke is, Mini-Funnels are a piece of cake to set up so today, I want to show you EXACTLY how you can build one for yourself.

But first, just like any other funnel, we need to define its goal…

So the goal of a Mini-Funnel is to achieve goals 1 + 2 in one swoop. Then, to start goal 3.

This means, your funnel will help :

  • To acquire new leads..
  • To convert those leads into buyers…

Then I will show you how to get those buyers to buy more or buy more often (ideally both),

Sound good?

Cool. Let’s get started!

A Mini-Funnel utilises the CVO concept created by Ryan Deiss & DM Labs, and consists of 4 main steps;



Now the diagram can be a bit daunting if your new to internet marketing so lets go through each of these individually..


1. LM / Lead Magnet - An irresistible bribe that gives a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. Make no mistake, although no money changes hands, this is your first transaction. You will need to provide tremendous value within your Lead Magnet to capture your leads email address.

2. TW / Tripwire - An offer that’s made to those that have displayed interest in the Lead Magnet.
The Tripwire is an irresistible offer, usually between $1 and $10. The goal of the Tripwire is to change the relationship from lead to buyer.

3. CO / Core Offer - Your Core Offer is the major product or service in this funnel! This is how you will make the majority of your money. This stage will also be used to start goal 3.

4. PM / Profit Maximiser - The profit maximiser is the final stage of the strategy and is here to maximise the average transaction value of every customer. This stage will also be used to retain your customers so you can rinse and repeat this system with a new mini funnel.


(NOTE:  The above funnel is covered in MUCH more detail in our FREE "4 day Funnel Factory" training programme). Click here to sign up today…


Each step in this mini funnel has a purpose, and just like the bricks of a house; each brick is as important as the other. All 4 steps are designed to flow seamlessly in to one another and will encourage the transition from a “cold lead” in to “hot buyer”.

This will also help to keep your open rates, click rates and all other conversion rates high for future follow up marketing. 

What’s even cooler is you can have the whole thing up and running in about a day (with a bit of elbow grease).

Just carry on reading and make sure to take action on what’s being discussed.

Let’s begin…

First thing you’re going to need is a lead magnet!

Regardless of what niche your in, wether your trying to sell products, services or even if your promoting affiliate offers.. your conversion rate, your list size and more importantly the money you make will ALL double by simply adding a lead magnet.

Build a squeeze page and create an incentive or a bribe that would be irresistible to your target audience. Do you research and try and solve a burning pain or problem within that sub-niche.

Here’s a few ideas for some awesome LM’s.


This lead magnet is targeted to the health and fitness niche and has a FREE “top 12 health check-list” as an incentive for the subscriber to give away their email address. This will happen when the lead clicks the “Get the List Now!” button, where the opt-in form will pop up prompting the lead to submit their email address.



This lead magnet is targeted towards the cars niche and more specifically Ford Mustangs. The incentive here is 4 restoration guides with accompanying lessons being sent to your inbox for free. This squeeze page makes it clear where the lead should enter and submit their email address with a big yellow call to action to finish!



This lead magnet is targeted towards the internet marketing niche and is giving away a free webinar training spot with a 6-figure internet marketer in return for a leads email address. This similar to the first, will work when the lead takes action and clicks the “claim my spot” button.


Lead magnets are not hard to create and once you have made yours you will then need to place it on a squeeze page (the page examples you’ve just been looking at). 
Squeeze pages are not hard to create and now days with softwares such as Leadpages and ClickFunnels it’s a piece of cake to get one set up and linked to your site.

There are also LOADS of high quality outsourcing sites where you can get a high converting, great looking squeeze page just like the ones above for $5! My personal favourite is fiverr - a site that collects freelancers from around the world, who specialise in ALL jobs “Digital Marketing” in order to save you time and money.
If your an online marketer or have an online business and you do NOT use Fiverr…. Your about to save a shit ton of money!

All you need to do is create an account (completely free), find a designer and place an order for your squeeze page (will cost $5 hence the name “Fiverr"). Then you can read the rest of this post knowing by tomorrow (or the day after) your squeeze page will be taken care of! Headache sorted!

Click here to outsource your squeeze page..

Once the lead has landed on your brand spanking new squeeze page and given you their email address in return for the irresistible offer you made them, then the next step is to send them to a tripwire offer.

Now you will also have that lead in your email subscribers list so you can follow them up with content emails and promotional emails containing affiliate offers in the future.  A mix of both will help to keep engagement high whilst you start making money from your new list.

But, to maximise the chances of your new lead becoming a buyer, your best bet is to keep what your asking from them low. As low as you possibly can for a first time investment.

Let’s be straight. Your asking them for money right. Well here’s a free tip. People do NOT react well if you ask them for a lot of money (or what they consider a fair whack) so soon in to a relationship. This is because they are yet to know, like or trust you fully and have never invested in you before, so… whilst your lead magnet will help to break the ice, the tripwire has to be something irresistible to that person so they start considering wether to become a “buyer”…

Check out these examples of the perfect tripwire… Do any of them look familiar?



You will see from all of these examples that they are offering a product or a service (and for you this could be your own product or service) that’s being given away for a very low price! This is the irresistible offer I was talking to you about however when you implement your tripwire, ensure that it’s relational to your “lead magnet”.

From here the lead will have downloaded their “freebie” which would have taken them from “cold lead” to an “interested lead” and now with the addition of this irresistible offer, the next step will be from “interested lead” to first time buyer.

First time buyers are GREAT and it’s because they are excited to work with you. They have usually already heard of you after reading your free stuff and have now made a big decision in themselves to trust you and invest their money in to you.
Make sure to follow up with your first time buyers with VALUE first! Yes value, not an avalanche of offers, but value. Re-emphasise to them why investing in you (be it a small one) was worthwhile and ultimately why they should start buying more of your stuff.

Now here is where you can get really advanced and start adding “pixels” for retargeting as well as segmenting your email subscribers list with automation rules, so once your lead has turned into a buyer, they change in to a buyers list. This way you know EXACTLY who is buying and who’s just looking for freebies. 

On top of that you will start building an incredibly powerful pixel list of buyers at your finger tips ready for whenever you need a pay day!

For more information on how to create a system like this; check out one of our best selling products Affiliate Marketing X here…

Ok, so lets recap a sec… So far you have collected new leads through your squeeze page with the help of a “lead magnet” (Goal #1 complete), then you have turned those leads in to first time buyers (Goal #2 complete). Now it’s time to tackle Goal #3!

Goal #3 - To get those buyers to buy more or buy more often (ideally both)!

Now you have two lists… 1 list of leads 
and 1 list of buyers

It’s now time to make those buyers buy again, then buy even more and this is done with the addition of the final 2 steps to this mini-funnel.

The core offer will be your major flagship product or service.

Here are some examples of some major core offers…


This is the sales letter for DM Labs, an internet marketing powerhouse that uses it’s membership site as it’s core offer. This is priced at $38.60 a month and inside you will get complete access to the entire Digital Marketing library (which is absolutely HUGE), as well as weekly podcasts, webinars, group coaching sessions, freebies, giveaways and much more. This really is about as perfect as an internet marketing core offer can get.



Have you heard of this? If you’re in the health, fitness, exercise, dieting (you get my point) markets you will have heard of this! Insanity was one of the biggest workout programmes to hit the shelves and went viral around the world. Even today people still que up for the latest release of the Insanity programme.



“The Game” is another great example of a core offer. This one book revolutionised the dating market upon it’s release, so much in fact it sparked a new era for male dating with the rise of PUA. Today the marketing used behind the PUA community has built one of the most effective and lucrative markets to enter as a internet entrepreneur.


The Core Offer can define you and your brand, and thus will require more time, research and investment to create properly compared with the previous two steps.

Once you have created this step you have achieved all 3 goals.

You have built a system that acquires cold leads (Goal #1) and “warms them up” with a lead magnet and content before selling them an irresistible offer, changing the relationship from a lead to a buyer (Goal #2). Now, with the addition of this step, you have sold your buyers another product (Goal #3) - In this case the MAIN product the whole funnel has been building up to.

Now that once cold lead has become an invested part of your internet empire. They have digested your content, bought multiple products and hopefully taken action. So the best thing to do right now.. is make one more sale!

And that’s not me being greedy…

Check; let me hit you with some science!

See by this point that person will have invested enough of their time and money in to you, to reach a state best known as “buyers heat”..
...And, this is not some bullshit metaphorical state i’ve made up for marketing purposes, this actually happens!

For example, everybody knows somebody who the moment they’ve found a new hobby, sport or interest will go out and buy absolutely everything to do with it, before knowing anything about it!

Well, theres a reason why this happens...

Upon purchasing a product or service, there is a chemical reaction that occurs within the brain of the customer. Tests have actually shown to some people buying has a similar effect to kissing... even drugs, as during the moment in which we make that purchase, endorphins and various other chemicals are released and to most - it just feels good to buy!!

Now the moment somebody has bought something from you is when that customer is the most engaged.. or the most interested they will ever be about that particular thing.

Think of it like sugar...

When we eat loads of sweets or chocolates, you experience a sugar rush or a sugar high and are hyperactive and mad for a bit... but after time.. you start to “crash”.

This is similar to “buyers heat”. Once your customer has purchased with you and have entered this state, the best thing to do before they become less interested and in turn less engaged in you and your products/services is by selling them one final thing.

This gives the customer what they want (another mini rush) and for you as a marketer; will raise your profit margins considerably.

So how do you take advantage of this?


This is done by offering a “Final Offer” after the core offer.

This is referred to as the Profit Maximiser and it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Your profit Maximiser can be anything DIRECTLY relational to your core offer. 
The price of this step can rise or fall considerably depending on what you decide to sell, but don’t focus on that too much.

By this point 1 customer has bought from you twice, so if your keeping track of your numbers you should have made a profit or AT LEAST broken even by now. This final sale is designed to increase your profit margins.

So, what could you sell for your profit maximiser?

Let’s take a look…


This is an example of a profit maximiser in the Internet Marketing space. IAF have just sold a product teaching their customers how to build an “Agency Funnel” and now their profit maximiser is a ready made “done for you” funnel.

What this does is give the customer an option to make their investment, easier, faster (in becoming profitable) and worry free as they go on to guarantee that 10/10 clients saw an 800% sales increase using this up sell.

This is know as a direct up-sell because it is directly related to the previous product and is one of the most effective forms of up-selling.



Dollar Shave Club lures people in with the name and then shows them two pricier options that provide a lot more value than the standard dollar option.

This is known as a cross-sell and is when you recommend your customer buy a product that compliments the existing product they were looking for, with similar alternatives.


Other forms of profit maximisers can include:


  • 1

    Add-On Sales

    These are the extra little services like protection plans, tech-support subscriptions, or product training - that give your customer extra piece of mind.
 These can significantly increase your customer lifetime value, as many customers don’t need to take advantage of the service & instead buy it “just in case”.

  • 2

    Bundle Sales

    This is when two or more products that complement each other are bundled and sold together. This can usually be found on the product or checkout page. Product bundles are often sold at a discount in order to raise the perceived value of buying multiple products at once.


Creating a "Mini-Funnel" can become a long process if you have no plan, so before we end, here's a quick re-cap of everything so you make a start today...

Firstly, I encourage you to spend your first day collecting your ideas for each step and coming up with a "Mini- Funnel".

No more...

Within 24 hours, you should have had more than enough time to create a concept in which a funnel flows effortlesly from one step (product or service) in to another, with incrimental prices and more and more value as the customers progresses through the funnel.

Once you have your idea, TAKE ACTION!

Get to work! The first few steps are the easiest and most creative so it will help to ease you in.

Once you have the LM and TW stages complete you can start running traffic to your squeeze page and making some money.

Then, invest that money in to producing a high quality product or service for your "core offer" and sell it to your buyers list (that you will now have as a result of your "Tripwire" stage).

Rinse and repeat and do the same with your "Profit Maximser".

And just like that - You have created a business asset that you can constantly tweak and improve so it makes you an even higher return on investment.

Whats more you can also automate the entire process with email marketing so all you have to do is focus on traffic - and let the funnel do it's job!

The possibilities with this strategy are endless, and this one funnel technique has the power to take ANYBODY who has a true desire to succeed, and get them making a consistent, scalable daily income online...

How do I know that for ABSOLUTE certainty?

Because a year and a half ago (from writing this blog post), I was broke, unemployed and hopeless... Yet thanks to this one funnel, I was able to generate almost $10,000 in 4 days, start my own online company and help hundreds of people just like myself to make a change in their lives and their finances.

If you want to learn more about how to build your own automated marketing machine (and get more in depth teaching about the process we covered here today)…

… You can access my "#4 day Funnel Factory" method completely FREE, by clicking here.

This contains 4 Lessons, each of which is designed to (yep… you guessed it) show you EXACTLY how to build your own "Mini Funnel" step by step, from start to finish in incredible detail!

This course is ABSOLUTELY FREE and, if you’ve read this far, I know you will be absolutely stunned by the value you will receive from these lessons.


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